Our Quality Assurance team maintains a documented Quality Program
that covers the following areas;


  • Continual auditing of processing plants both by our own staff or other qualified third party auditors
  • All suppliers have independent 3rd party certification, many of which are BRC certified
  • HACCP plans are in place at all processing facilities with controls for foreign material and microbiological hazards
  • Technical documents of all products are maintained in Commodity Import’s database and updated as needed
  • Traceability programs driven by lot codes can trace from finished product to farmer’s field
  • Allergen controls are maintained at all levels of production
  • Product, where applicable, goes through cleaning, sorting and kill steps
  • All processing plants have sanitation programs in place


  • Regular warehouse cleaning program in place
  • We maintain an intensive pest management program with a certified pest control company and regular site visits
  • Warehouses are all certified with HACCP procedures in place for security, food safety, temperature monitoring and receiving/shipping


  • We have a program in place to handle customer complaints in a timely manner.  Any non-conformity reports issued by the client are submitted to the processor to identify root cause and corrective actions to prevent further recurrence