About Us

Commodity Imports Australia continually maintain contact with the growers and processors from each producing region around the world to understand prevailing market conditions. Changing weather patterns, global supply and demand, crop conditions, pricing and logistical challenges are only a few of the variables in an ever complex equation. From field to your warehouse, we scrutinise every detail, filter market intelligence and share the information with you, the end-user, in order to make timely decisions on procurement.

With warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne as well as in North America, product is stored in appropriate temperature controlled environments. We handle all components of logistics; from ocean transport to customs clearance, warehousing and delivery, thereby allowing you to focus on your business.

We ship full container loads delivered to your door, or you can pull from our inventory on a just in time basis in minimum quantities of 1 pallet. We are also happy to service your request on a spot basis, if we have the product in stock.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering quality ingredients at competitive pricing with exceptional service. Whilst growing our business always remains our focus, maintaining a high level of customer service is paramount. We see ourselves as flexible with the ability to adapt to our customer needs in an ever changing food industry.

Commodity Imports has the solution to your procurement and logistical challenges.

Our History

Commodity Imports Australia was established in 2004, by extension of our successful North American Enterprise that was founded in the early 1990s and based out of Toronto Canada.

Since establishment the company has grown from strength to strength. We bring more than 60 years of combined experience in the food industry and more specifically in the trading and distribution of quality food ingredients. As our business grew, so did our global reach. Our Group has suppliers in 32 different countries and over 60 different products, we have built a solid base of strategic suppliers with whom we have cultivated long term relationships. Without these crucial ties, we could not offer you the value, quality and market knowledge we share today.

Our Mission

Our goals are simple but complex in their implementation. They are to:

  • Share with our client’s accurate and timely market intelligence
  • Supply quality ingredients from trusted and approved vendors around the globe
  • Provide seamless service by handling the importation, warehousing and logistics

Markets Served

With our strategically located warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, we can efficiently serve all of Australia. We also have specific locations in the United States and Canada to serve customers in those particular markets.

Commodity Import’s typical client is the volume driven industrial bakery, snack food re-packer, cereal/muesli manufacturer and nutrition bar manufacturer. We can deliver full container loads directly to your door or full pallets drawn from one of our warehouses.

We offer contracted sales in which your product, specification, volume and price are locked down for the duration of the contract. We can also sell on a spot basis with prices fluctuating with market forces.